SSL 4040 E/G+ with Total Recall
Pro Tools HD with 32 channels of Digidesign
192 and Apogee Rosetta i/o’s
Apogee Big Ben master clock
Adam S3A monitors with sub
Yamaha NS-10 monitors
Studer A827 with Dolby SR
Tascam DA-88 (24 tracks)
Alesis ADAT XT (16 tracks)
Panasonic SV-3800 DAT machine
Sony 5002 ½” & ¼” 2 track tape machine w/ Dolby SR
T.C. Electronic M3000 and M5000
Alesis Q20 Reverb
Yamaha SPX-900
Altiverb Convolution Reverb
Antares Autotune
API 3124 4 channel mic pre
Wunder Audio PEQ1R mic pre/EQ (2)
Neve 1073 mic pre/EQ (2)
Neve 33112B mic pre/EQ (2)
Summit TPA-200B 2 channel mic pre
Manley Massive Passive tube EQ
API 5502 2 channel EQ
Orban 622B EQ
Tube Tech PE1B tube EQ (2)
Manley Vari Mu compressor
Manley EL-OP Leveling amplifier
Empirical Labs Distressor w/ British Mod/Stereo Mod (2)
Universal Audio 1176 stereo
Summit DCL200 stereo compressor
JBL 7110 compressor (4)
dbx 160x compressor
dbx 165A compressor (2)
Valley People Dynamite compressor (2)
Antares ATR-1 pitch corrector
Valley DSP De-Esser
Soundeluxe E47 tube mic
Pearlman TM1 tube mic
Micro Tech – Gefell UM92S tube mic
Neumann U87 (3)
AKG 414 EB (2)
Milab VIP 50 (2)
Shure KSM32 (2)
Royer R121 ribbon mic (2)
Coles 4040 ribbon mic (2)
AEA R84 ribbon mic (2)
Beyer Dynamic M160 ribbon mic (2)
Neumann KM84 (2)
Neumann KM100 (2)
AKG 452 (2)
Shure SM81 (2)
Sennheiser 441
Sennheiser 421 (5)
Shure SM57 (5)
AKG D112
ElectroVoice RE20
Beyer Dynamic M88
Baldwin SD10 9’ Concert Grand Piano
Hammond B3 organ with Leslie 122 speaker
Mesa Boogie Stiletto guitar amp
Fender Precision bass
Console, recorders & outboard gear
The Gear Studio A