Three things that you’ll want your master audio CD to have are ISRC encoding, CD-TEXT, and finally to have the CD information submitted to the Gracenote CD Database. Crystal Clear Sound offers Digital Formatting for just $25 per disc. Of course if you’re getting your project mastered at Crystal Clear Sound then we do all of this at no additional charge. Below is a little information to explain the three parts of Digital Formatting.


ISRC Encoding

International Standard Recording Codes (ISRC) are used if you plan on using digital distribution methods such as iTunes or Amazon Music or intend to make your music available for internet radio. Each song is given its own unique code (this is different from UPC as that is for physical CD sales). To learn more about ISRC codes you can read about them here



CD-TEXT is encoded into the metadata of the audio CD and allows CD-TEXT enabled car stereos to display the artist, album name, and song titles as the CD plays.




Digital Formatting