Do you have old 2" reels that you need to transfer for mixing or overdubbing or just simply for archiving? Do you have a recording of your grandfather's band that only exists on a privately pressed LP that you can't listen to? Or do you have a valuable cassette recording that you would like to have in a digital format before it's too late?

We can help you with all of these scenarios and more because we have the equipment to be able to transfer audio from most of the standard formats of the past and convert the audio to a digital format that you can use.

Tape Restoration and Transfer Vinyl and Cassette Archival

We can transfer all standard types of vinyl, including 78's, and cassettes to either CD or WAV file formats for you.

We can also perform audio restoration, de-noising, de-popping, and declicking if requested. Results are dependent on the source material. Please contact us to discuss the amount of restoration preferred with us if you would like some audio cleanup and restoration done.

Straight transfers of vinyl or cassette to cd or WAV file formats with no mastering, de-noising, eq or level adjustments is $45/hour.

If you would like de-noising, de-popping, de-clicking, volume and eq adjustments, then it is done at $90/hour.

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As you may know if you've dealt with 2" reels of tape, many of the older reels, especially from the 80's through the late 90's, will no longer play when put on a 2" machine because the tape has become sticky. This is because the binding in the tape has started to break down. We can remedy this situation by doing what's referred to as "tape baking", which is a very controlled process of low temperature baking that reactivates the binder in the tape, making it playable once again so that it may be transferred to a new format.

We can restore and transfer many of the standard tape formats, including 2" 24 track (with or without dolby SR or dolby A), 1/2" and 1/4" 2-track, 1/4" 4-track, to WAV files.

In addition to analog tape, we can also transfer 16 bit ADAT tapes and DA88 tapes.

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