Are you recording at home on your laptop and wish you had a couple key pieces of outboard gear to make those tracks really pop? Do you wish you could print those mixes or stems to analog tape to add some warmth and vibe?

Now you can get just that with our Analog Signal Processing Services. You can send us any number of tracks or stems and we will run them through any of the classic analog gear listed below at whatver settings you specify. Send us a WAV file and we'll send you a WAV file in return of the same length after being processed through the gear. Simply re-import the track back into you own session.

We can also print your mix to analog 1/2" tape for $25 per song.

How does it work?

Choose from the gear offered below and email with the details of what you're looking for. If you have specific eq settings, let us know, or you can give us general idea of what you want, and we will use our professional expertise and mixing knowledge to set a specific piece of gear based on your needs. Then you send us the WAV files via and we will send you a paypal invoice. Once payment is made, the tracks will be processed as soon as possible based on studio availability.

If you have questions or if you already know what you want, contact us

This is the famed Quad Compressor on our SSL 4000 console. We can run your mix through this to give it some punch. More Grammy-winning records have been mixed over the years on SSL 4000's like ours than on any other console, and the Quad Compressor is a big part of the SSL sound that you've heard on so many records but didn't realize what it was.


$20 per stereo track

This is similar to the Neve 1073's but is based on a console that Neve built custom for John Paul Jones. Awesome low end with some different frequency options from the 1073's.

$10 per track

Wunder Audio PEQ1R

This is a hard to find version of API's class "A" EQ's. Similar to the more common AP EQ's but with additional frequencies. In your face and aggressive but also fat and smooth. This rocks on guitars!

$10 per track

API 5502 Class A EQ

The is a classic EQ from the 70's. These are the same EQ's that were on the famed 80 series Neve consoles and have been copied in hardware and software (plugin) form by many who are trying to capture that Neve magic. Add some vibe and thickness to your tracks.

$10 per track

Neve 1073 EQ

A variation of the classic Pultec Eq's. This eq is fat and warm.

$10 per track.

Tube Tech PE 1B Tube

This all tube driven limiter is the same concept as the renowned LA2A limiter. Hands down, the best limiter around for vocals. Awesome for bass, guitar or just about anything you want to put through it. It controls the dynamics very transparently and smoothly.

$10 per track

Manley Electro-Optical Tube Limiter

This compressor is famous for it's use as a mix and mastering compressor. Similar compression design as the classic Fairchild, this is all tube and great for stereo material. As Manley says, "give your music a big warm hug!"

$10 per track

Manley Variable MU Tube Compressor

Extremely versatile compressors. Our pair has the British mode and stereo image link mods. They're great for vocals and bass as well as crushing room mics.

$10 per track

Emperical Labs Distressor EL8X

Classic compressor. Make those vocals sit just right or squash those drum overheads for an aggressive rock mix.

$10 per track

Universal Audio 1176 Compressor
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SSL Quad Compressor